God Two

I must follow up what Jim wrote about last night. He basically was stating that God is in all that we see around us more so than in a building visited perhaps once a week. Today I saw God! We finally left Marathon, that in itself constitutes a miracle. Jim had me motor us out… Continue reading God Two

Rain, Rain, Rain

Its raining. Its still raining. Its still raining and is continuing to rain. When its not raining it is threatening to rain. (Can you tell we’re getting a lot of rain?) We are stuck here in Marathon, waiting to see what the weather is going to do. apparently, there is a low front over Mexico’s… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Rain

Restaraunt Reviews

Part of sailing is, of course, visiting nearby land and exploring. We go ashore every couple of days for supplies, sometimes showers and laundry, and the occasional restaurannt meal. I dedicate this section to those places we eat a meal different from boat fare. ***** = best ever $ =$15-25 for all 3 of us… Continue reading Restaraunt Reviews

Where are we?

Humm… Good question. Well, we’re parked (anchored) alongside a road, in water shallow enough to walk to dry land and 15 minutes from that good old american favorite, McDonalds (million and one served). Really we are east of uS1 north of the entrance to Jewfish creek at Key Largo. Right now it is raining lightly,… Continue reading Where are we?

Dinner Key at Coconut Grove

Another ┬átireing day. Starting this morningI transformed the HotDot from a stink potter to a blow boat. Lesa and Kaelin hid inside while I worked and raised the mast. When I started raising the mast alone years ago it was always a very stressfull experience, now it just takes time and patience. The act of… Continue reading Dinner Key at Coconut Grove