Marco Island

After the long trip across the gulf we really enjoyed marco Island and the residents. I have mever been to such a happy and welcoming community in my life. The afternoon after we arrived I needed to eat, alot. As things would have it, the dinghy motor would not start. No sooner than 10 pulls… Continue reading Marco Island

Fortune favors the Foolish

Think of all of the nautical sayings you can and then roll them into one. If you boil it all down to the bare essentials, you would settle on “Fortune Favors the Foolish” as the essential messages. On thursday (I think, we’re on island time) we raised anchor at the Dry Tortugas for a journey… Continue reading Fortune favors the Foolish

Marquesas to Dry Tortugas

The Marquesas Keys are very remote and primitive. The waters are shallow with a shifting sand bottom. Being to science guy that I am, I did some research on the Marquesas and found that they form the only “Atoll” in the caribbean. During the Prozoic (?) Era, they formed a beach resort for the creepy… Continue reading Marquesas to Dry Tortugas

The Marquesas Keys

After leaving Key West we headed to the Marquesas Keys.  This gem of an island is worth the day trip.  It was a little unnerving at first due to getting around the shallows (also known as the quicksands).  We came upon the west side which was absolutely beautiful, however it was so shallow that anchorage… Continue reading The Marquesas Keys

We’re back in Civilization!

That means we have internet again! Lesa and I are going to take turns trying to get caught up on our adventures, I am sure our perspectives are different  on what has happened, but we still love each other.

brief but sweet

I have to keep this short as my battery is dying. After a very rainey rough day yesterday we have been blessed with a beautiful day today. Due to the rough ride in the dinghy in the rain Jim was reconsidering the Dry Tortugas. But today and a view of the weather forecast has allowed… Continue reading brief but sweet

Key West … Yumm!

Since yesterday was bash key west day today I thought i would write some good things about it. First off, If your remembering key West from the 80’s  or early 90’s forget it, those days are gone. It is now filled with cruise ships dumping 1000’s of people off at a time, all looking to… Continue reading Key West … Yumm!