Arlington Cemetary: A Humbling Experience

My father is a 20 year veteran of the United States Army.  He is a veteran of both the Korean and the Vietnam wars, doing several tours in each.  I feel extremely proud of my father and proud of all the men and women that have and do serve our country.  Many of these brave men and… Continue reading Arlington Cemetary: A Humbling Experience

Rules for Visiting Washington DC (summertime)

Rule no. 1:  Wear sunscreen. Rule no. 2:  Wear a hat. Rule no. 3:  Take the Metro.  Buy a SmartCard.  Yes it seems very safe, people are very nice and it is fairly clean.  Much cheaper and more flexible than a tour bus. Rule no. 4.  Make sure your camera battery and phone battery are… Continue reading Rules for Visiting Washington DC (summertime)

Photos from the National Air and Space Museum

Below are just a few photos from our visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.  This is a must  see if you are in DC.  Very well organized, taking the visitor from the very beginnings of humanities’ place in the Universe to the most modern examples of human space exploration.  We spent… Continue reading Photos from the National Air and Space Museum

On the Way to DC

Well the traveling Wallaby’s are heading to DC. We left yesterday and had a fairly good trip. We came to some slowdowns due to accidents so we decided to stop at The Comfort Inn Campground in St. George, South Carolina. Yes, a campground located at a hotel. It was okay for a one night stop… Continue reading On the Way to DC

Wedding Day

I think this is one time I should let pictures do more of my talking than words. Our wedding was held at the Silver River State Park Museum. A little gem in Ocala, Fl. Our reception was held at the large pavilion near the museum. It was unusual, fun to prepare for and definitely a… Continue reading Wedding Day