Never Set Sail On a Friday

Current Temperature : 82° Current location : Columbia, SC Current time : 10:30 am Approximately 420 miles from home. There is a belief in the sailing world that one should never set sail on a Friday.   “”That won’t apply to us. ” we said to ourselves.   We believed that since we were camping that the… Continue reading Never Set Sail On a Friday

First Night

Current Temperature: 70° Current location: Manning,SC Walmart Parking Lot Approximately 370 miles from home. We used our Allstays app to find a Walmart that would allow overnight parking and are pleased with the results.   It’s not overly huge, but still ample room for parking.   We are near the garden center, along the side.   There are… Continue reading First Night

Boondocking Stop No. 1

Current Temperature 81° Current location : Brunswick, Ga Love’s Truck Stop Pulled into Love’s for gas and dinner.   It looks like “parking” is far in the back.  No one else is here and no one has said anything, so for our fellow boondockers, it looks like it is an okay stop over.  We are only… Continue reading Boondocking Stop No. 1

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

After months of preparation and several days of intense packing (over 23,000 steps on my vivosmart) we are on our way northbound. We are leaving a day earlier than planned so we will be able to take it at a leisurely pace.  Our hopes are to reach Brunswick, Ga by supper time.   We will eat,… Continue reading Rolling, Rolling, Rolling