WiFi Connected and ready to go

Thank you Best Buy. Our connectivity issue for this summer has been solved. This past summer I had very limited use of internet access because my Nook color only uses wifi. At this time I dont want to purchase a new tablet and even they dont all use 3G / sattelite, so we bought a Verizon Mobile Hotspot. This should allow us to use my Nook and Jim’s new ASUS Tablet on the boat this summer. This will be great as I can keep up with our blogs and facebook. As long as we are in an area that we can get cell phone service we can get internet. There is a monthly fee, but we are considering switching back to our old prepaid phones as neither of us use them that much. So I am very excited about this summer’s trip to the Keys andthis makes it that much better.
This post by the way was done using my Nook and the new hotspot!

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  1. Sybil says:

    Isn’t it funny how we still feel the need to be “connected” when we travel ?? Thanks for the info about HotSpot . 🙂

    1. 2bikes1boat says:

      so far it has worked great, even when traveling in the car. Thinking about getting rid of the regular internet.

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