Happy Father’s Day from Curry Hammock State Park

A warm breeze, sea oats rustling in the wind and sounds from the beach greet us this morning.  It is a lovely, sunny Father’s Day.  Jim is spending it lazing away, just the way it should be.
  We spent the morning drinking coffee and eating my famous Crescent cinnamon rolls (Jim’s favorite.)  Outside of our camper window we spied the resident iguana.  Perhaps he spied us?  We watched him awhile, eating our rolls and wondering if mosquitoes were a real problem back in Henry Flagler’s day.  Our guess is probably not.  We believe that with development the creatures that ate pesky mosquitoes became less while unfortunately mosquitoes still manage to reproduce in the thousands. 
    Fortunately, with the ocean breeze we are not swarmed with mosquitoes, just a few and a few no see-ums.  As it is rather warm we did forego our planned morning bicycle ride and are seriously thinking about swimming time.  Perhaps!  Or maybe we will just continue to sit here and laze away.  After all isn’t that what today is all about?


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