Withlacoochee Bay Trail and Felburn Park Ride

Gray clouds blanketed the sky this morning, but a long overdue bike ride was in order. We haven’t ridden for weeks due to lingering illness. Although I didn’t feel well this morning and throughout the day it was just what the doctor ordered.
Jim loaded up the bikes and we headed toward Inglis. After a so-so lunch at the Shrimp and More restaurant we hit the trails. We had walked this trail before, but had not ridden it. This trail is part of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway. The Withlacoochee Bay Trail, a 12 foot wide paved trail, runs five miles west from the Felburn Trailhead to the Gulf of Mexico along the southern side of the former Cross Florida Barge Canal. We had also previously anchored at the mouth of the canal coming in from the Gulf. Parts of the trail runs through a very scenic maritime hammock and salt marsh.
It didn’t take long and gray clouds gave way to sunshine, enough that Kaelin ended up with a sunburn. It was rather warm at times, but never too bad. Breezes and shaded spots made the ride comfortable. At the end of the trail sits the Gulf of Mexico and it makes the ride worth it. A nice pavilion provided shade and a spot for Jim to fix a flat tire and Kaelin to run amok. The trail is dotted with pavilions and benches and very clean restrooms about every 2 1/2 miles.
We have been on some boring trails and this wasn’t one of them. Lantana, butterflies, goldenrod, hills, evergreens and of course the waterway made it a beautiful, scenic ride. Definitely worth the 50 mile trip and next time we might even find a nearby campground and make a weekend of it.

Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico

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