New Year New Adventures

It’s a new year and many adventures await us.  Jim and I are two teachers that like to ride bikes and spend time on our sailboat, Hot Dot, when we are not teaching or working around the house.  We do all of this with our little guy, a sweet, precocious three-year old, KB.  KB, by the way, learned how to ride his new bicycle this weekend.  It’s all a lot of fun, great exercise, and a wonderful way to see the world, especially for KB. 

I’m fairly new to sailing so it’s a learning experience that has proven to be quite exciting. Jim, an old hat at sailing, took me and KB down the Gulf Coast this past summer and we passed with flying colors.  He plans on taking us down the Atlantic Coast this summer, hopefully to the Keys.  I’m quite excited.  I’m not as new at biking, however, I’ve never ridden as many miles as I have since riding with Jim.  We are working towards taking short tours with our bikes, a Comfort Day 6 and a Action Bent recumbent trike.  We even plan on camping!  See, camping is not new to us, but neither of us has done it on a bike!  Nothing like carrying your whole campsite on a bike.  What a challenge. 

Though Jim and I both have some experience one way or the other with bikes and boats, we do not have experience with blogging.  We wanted a way to share our experiences with friends and family and anyone interested in bikes and sailboats.  There are blog sites for boats, blog sites for bikes, but not for both.  We hope that this becomes a fun way to share our experiences, pictures and maybe spark some interest in both enterprises.

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