Fanning Springs to Cross City Ride

Suwanee River Bridge Nature Coast Trail
Suwanee River Bridge Nature Coast Trail
[slideshow]On the spur of the moment we decided to take a ride to the Fanning Springs Nature Coast Trail. 
We missed the trailhead in Chiefland but found parking near Fanning Springs.  We found out we could go one direction toward Trenton or the other direction toward Cross City.  The decision was easy since going toward Cross City allowed us to cross the Suwannee River.  This was one of the prettiest rides we have taken.  To Cross City and back it was 26 miles.  The ride was completely level, no inclines, very smooth.  Most of the ride was under cover of trees.  There were benches about every 3 miles, however it wasn’t until we reached Cross City that we were able to use a restroom at a local gas station.  Of course KB was able to go on the side of the road, being three years old and all.  That was rather funny in itself.

One thing we learned, I learned, was that I really need to bring my jacket and long pants whether  it’s warm at the moment or not.  It got rather chilly  the last leg of the journey. Jim, my knight in shining armor, loaned me his jacket so I wouldn’t freeze.  Overall though it was a really nice ride, with the view from the Suwanee River bridge being superb.

To top off the evening we stopped in Chiefland for a well deserved dinner.  We randomly chose a resteraunt that turned out to have the best pizza we have ever eaten.  The place was called ABC Mediteranean.  Excellent food and service.

I also included pictures in my slide show of when we went camping on our bikes to Fanning Springs.  That was about 2 weeks later and it was a blast.  Met a guy there that was traveling across America on his bike.  Realized camping is hard work but fun.  Kaelin is a born camper.  I can’t wait to go again.  Soon.

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