Jensen Beach in my birthdat suit

Well we made it to Jensen Beach, just north of Stuart, and yes I am in my birthdat (miss spelling intentional) suit. The U-haul towed the boat great and we were able to drop it in the water with no problems. I will definately be using the u-haul to tow the boat again.  The weather is humid, but the temp is very comfortable. My parents were great helpers again with the boat. Sometimes I think my dad must have the patience of Job for putting up with my sailing antics, but he is always a great helper and I must give him credit for the adventursome spirits and world views that I and my kids have. The experiences we have had at 5 mph cannot be matched in any other way. Thanks Dad and happy fathers day (late birthday too!)  Although the rain has drizzled for days in Ocala, it parted and we had a mostly dry ride to the boat ramp here at Jensen Beach Causeway. Once we arrived though  storm front moved in and we got wet, but hey, we’re on a boat, so what! Lesa took some pictures of the truck and boat rig and we will post those on the flickr page (click link on right side). Tomorrow we motor south,  hopping to make it to the Boca Raton area.  3Bje,1blb.

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