Chillin’ in Boca Raton

We made it to Boca today. A 57 mile journey through the weekend drunken’ motorboater madness of Jupiter inlet, Singer Island at Lake Worth and Boynten Beach. I am always surprised at the amount of people and their toys in South Florida. The sand bar on the north end of Singer Island at Lake Worth was truly amazing; boats clogged the east route around the island so you have to go west and follow the intercoastal. I did get in trouble there, but it wasent my fault. you see there were two boats side by side, and the names were very suggestive. One boat was called “No Tan Lines” and next to it was “Nail This”; both had attractive ladies on board. Well, you should use your imagination to finish the senario…I did and and now I sleep in the cockpit tonight. Any way, the boat ran great, 57 miles, 9 gallons of gas and 11 1/2 hours. At 6.33 miless per gallon thats better than the gas milage of the U-Haul we rented! To Daniel and Alex; the house with the fish tank is closed up. Bummer. 3bje.2blb.

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  1. Mrs B says:

    You are in my neck of the woods…I love Boca Raton…my office is there. đŸ™‚ Norma

    1. 2bikes1boat says:

      Yes, it was really neat to go through there. Very beautiful. We are back in Ocala for a couple of days to dry out and wait for better weather, then on to the lower keys.

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