Key Biscayne

After a beautiful day motoring from Boca Raton we have made it to Key Biscayne.  I have never seen so many big buildings and boats.  It’s like Orlando on steroids!  The boats are beyond huge.  We saw four cruise ships in a row and Jim says that those are small.  The homes we saw were beautiful but as we discussed way too much.  There were homes that would have to have an intercom system just to call one to supper.  Now on the other hand we are in close enough quarters to relive supper hours after eaten.  Quack quack.

Supper, that is another situation that has changed on the boat.  We have purchased a smaller butane stove and it is working great.  I can sit in the cock pit and cook without getting over heated and so far our meals have been pretty good.  I’ve learned a few tricks since last year.  We have eaten Jim’s frozen smoked chicken for a couple of meals and it was delicious.  Tomorrow it is a frozen roast that should be thawed by now.

Drinking is on the uprise, but hey we are on the boat and on vacation.  We have 180 days of work to get over.  I only know I will never get too bad that I can’t enjoy to scenery.  It is truly amazing.  As soon as we figure out how to upload pictures from Jim’s computer we will add them to our posts.  In the meantime check out our Flicker account.


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