Dinner Key at Coconut Grove

Another  tireing day. Starting this morningI transformed the HotDot from a stink potter to a blow boat. Lesa and Kaelin hid inside while I worked and raised the mast. When I started raising the mast alone years ago it was always a very stressfull experience, now it just takes time and patience. The act of sorting out the lines and shrouds; carefully walking the mast back over the stern without dropping it in the water or injuring myself is the most difficult. Once that is done all I have to do is attach the bridle and raise it up in place. Its about 3 hours of work. After a short nap (we’re on vacation remember) I put on the sails and and we were ready to go. And go we did. Lesa sailed us away from the anchorage while I raised the anchors and worked the lines. With a fantastic following sea we sailed to Dinner Key. The boat did great, she hummed along at 6 like a race horse just released from the gates. Unfortunatly we were at our destination in about 30 minutes. Not even enough time to finish a cold refreshing adult beverage. The weather has been hot but beautiful, with a nice easterly 10-15  kt breeze. Its such a diffrent feeling to be traveling under sail; not having that constant noise from the motor. We will probably stay here for 2 nights because we need supplies and to stretch our legs. One other interesting thing happened today, I finally had to take out the charts and do some navigation. 3.5bje 1blb

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