Dinner Key at Coconut Grove

Another  tireing day. Starting this morningI transformed the HotDot from a stink potter to a blow boat. Lesa and Kaelin hid inside while I worked and raised the mast. When I started raising the mast alone years ago it was always a very stressfull experience, now it just takes time and patience. The act of sorting out the lines and shrouds; carefully walking the mast back over the stern without dropping it in the water or injuring myself is the most difficult. Once that is done all I have to do is attach the bridle and raise it up in place. Its about 3 hours of work. After a short nap (we’re on vacation remember) I put on the sails and and we were ready to go. And go we did. Lesa sailed us away from the anchorage while I raised the anchors and worked the lines. With a fantastic following sea we sailed to Dinner Key. The boat did great, she hummed along at 6 like a race horse just released from the gates. Unfortunatly we were at our destination in about 30 minutes. Not even enough time to finish a cold refreshing adult beverage. The weather has been hot but beautiful, with a nice easterly 10-15  kt breeze. Its such a diffrent feeling to be traveling under sail; not having that constant noise from the motor. We will probably stay here for 2 nights because we need supplies and to stretch our legs. One other interesting thing happened today, I finally had to take out the charts and do some navigation. 3.5bje 1blb

By 2bikes1boat Always An Adventure

We are both teachers that love to explore and play in the great outdoors whenever we can, especially during the summer. It also gives our little guy a chance to see the world beyond the small corners of our town.

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