Rock n’ Roll Hoochie Koo

The anchorage spot we chose for last night turned out to not be the best choice. The wind switched to the north east and it put us once again on a leee shore but this time with a continued high wind. The fetch from across the bay allowed the waves to grow to the 2 foot range and it was steady. We ended up getting rocked pretty well all night; nothing to worry about, but bothersome no the less. Early this morning we headed up Jewfish creek and entered another world. The creek it selfis a cut in the mangrove trees where boats pass through. The birds and wildlife seemed uninterested in our passing becuse they did’nt seen to take any notice of us. Once we passed through the mile long channel we were welcomed to the keys lifestyle with bar and liquor signs, and unfortunatly junk boats galore. My heart sank when we came across not one, but two Chrysler 26’s totally trashed. One had no mast or rigging of any sort and the other was pushed up into the mangroves with its rigging broken and the mast at a 45degree angle leaning in the tree branches.

We continued on to Tarpon Basin about 10 miles farther down and anchored near the Monroe County Governmental complex where there is a dinghy dock and a nearby Publix Supermarket.We took advantage of both and finished or day with a cool wind blowing out of the east (yes, I’m going to sleep with a blanket tonight…..thats COLD!). Tomarrow we plan to head towards Islamorada and possibly Shell or Ligmun Vitae (sp?) Key. I’m torn which gets priority; Shell and Ligmun Vitae Key are State Parks so they are educational, but Islamorada is near Holiday Isle and fantastic Rum Rummers. Oh, What to choose? 4bje,2blb

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  1. Brad Cuzzin says:

    Hey Jimi,,,looks awsome ! I am soooo jealous…stay safe,,hope to see ya soon. Brad n Kellie

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