Where are we?

Humm… Good question. Well, we’re parked (anchored) alongside a road, in water shallow enough to walk to dry land and 15 minutes from that good old american favorite, McDonalds (million and one served). Really we are east of uS1 north of the entrance to Jewfish creek at Key Largo. Right now it is raining lightly, no wind and a comfortable temperature. Even though we’re trapped inside the boat it’s really nice and relaxing.

Out our “back” door. Near Jewfish Creek Bridge, in Barnes Sound, near Key Largo

quik catchup from Dinner Key.

The marina at Dinner Key is really nice but it’s a boat cruisers sucker hole. Its one of those places you go to and it seems to suck the dollars right out of your wallet. We were very glad to leave there yesterday around noon and head for Elliot Key 16 miles south. After an excellent dinner the weather turned for the worse and started to blow in from the south west putting us anchored on a lee shore. In boating terms, thats BAD! On a lee shore the wind and waves come at you from across the open water and have time to build and become nasty. With two anchors set we nervously weathered the first storm only to have a second front come smack us from the opposit direction. The boat a crew did fine and finally got to sleep around midnight. We woke today to a fantastically beautiful day. The temperature was perfect, and the water was crystal clear. I could’nt resist; I jumped in naked as a jaybird. Not to be outdone Lesa jumped in ‘al’natural. The water was perfect temperature and we had very little waves which made for great skinny dippin’.

The bathing festivities end around noon and we sailed from the anchorage south west towards Crad Sound and ultimatly Jewfish Creek. The sail was great,a beam reach all the way with 10-15 kt winds pushing the boat at 6. We ended up anchoring at our current position because years ago the roadstead use to be lined with beaches. Now its all gone; filled in with rocks for the road widening. Such is progress. We’ll stay here tonight then mve on to an anchorage on the north side of Key Largo tomorrow where Lesa and Kaelin can go ashore and streach their legs. many,many  bje, 3blb.

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  1. tia says:

    It looks like you guys are having fun although I could gone with out knowing my mother went skinny dipping lol. I’m glad you guys are able to enjoy your summer and kaelin is able see so many amazing things.
    I love you guys and can’t wait to see some pictures.

    1. 2bikes1boat says:

      thank you for leaving a comment. It means a lot to us that someone is checking up on us. Being where we are at its important to keep in touch. I love you guys too. Keep checking on us!

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