Oh, Its good to be back!

Oh its good to be back on the boat again! That tropical bitch Debby was depressing us with her constant rain, and dreary attitude so we left the boat at Marathon and went home to ocala for 5 days. Don’t get me wrong, it rained like hell in Ocala but at least I could set in air conditioned comfort and watch my T.V. (yes, 25 channels with absolutly nothing of value on). I did succeed in mowing the grass between rain storms and once or twice I did take a shower and shave my hairy face. When we are on the boat the whole world to us is 26 feet long, 8 feet wide and carries 3 people safetly. We really don’t care about politics or hollywood meglomaniacs. The best life has to offer is all around us; the clear sky, warm water, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, is whats important. Its funny, in Ocala there is a church on every corner. People scramble on sunday mornings to a building with 4 walls so they can profess to know and love an ominipotent being (God). Then they go back home to their homes. On the way they curse about the crazy drivers, speed their cars over the speed limit and set in front of their tv’s watching other people live exciting lives (hollywood stars, sports heroes, politicians spending the tax money on lavish vacations and parties). They claim to be of some specific religious demonination and eventually they claim to know(?) God.

On a boat, living the way we do. We see God’s work everyday. We hear him in the wind. We sense his hand in the creation of this fantastic planet. The beauty and magic that exists where the land meets the water could have only occured through design, or guidance. As a person who loves science and firmly believes in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; I also have to concede to a sense of Omnipotent Design after being on the boat for a while. No church, synagog, or temple can come close to representing or conveying the meaning of life.

Getting off my soap box; This weekend, instead of going to church and listening to someone else tell you about the Allmighty, go to the beach or a lake, or the mountains and listen. God is a cool guy (or Gal (if she’s a girl she’s probably hot!)) and he talks all the time. As my grandfather once said to me “God talks to everyone, The question is “are you willing to listen?”

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