God Two

I must follow up what Jim wrote about last night. He basically was stating that God is in all that we see around us more so than in a building visited perhaps once a week. Today I saw God!
We finally left Marathon, that in itself constitutes a miracle. Jim had me motor us out of the harbor (whew, I did it.) I then motor sailed (main sail up and using the motor) across the ocean towards Bahia Honda State Park. He was going to have me motor all the way through but I chickened out at the last minute. We had to go between bridges and I just didn’t have the ” vision” enough to see how that was going to work. He took over and voila there it was another piece of God’s Creation. Nestled in between these two bridges was a little cove. There was plenty of room to anchor between the original Flagler train bridge and the new US 1 bridge. Thue two bridges come to a V at one end and at the other end is a swimming area, another little hidden cove with docks, a nice snack bar, gift shop (which I’m hitting up tomorrow) and Harbor Master. After checking in with the Harbor Master we took Kaelin over to the beach.
Now up to this point this is just the usual vacation drivel. Where does God come in? Well, I saw God when my little boy looked at his daddy as he helped him swim. There was so much love from both of them. It was beautiful. We are truly blessed to love each other so much. Then there was the excitement in our little boy’s eyes as he realized he could play in the water, including lifting his feet (he had his life jacket on so he could get use to it) and that he was relatively safe. He had so much fun that he was completely wore out when we got back. This is going to sound strange but God is surrounding us when we take our cockpit showers. We work together to shower and so it has become a family event and it really is one of the most important parts of the day.
Then to not be outdone, God decided to put on a show to beat all shows: the sunset. It truly was one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen.

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