Full moons of Key West

Its been a beautiful day here in the keys. The winds have been from the East at 10ish and the temperature has been a comfortable 87ish. We had a great trip from Bahia Honda; leaving around 10 a.m. and motorsailing until noonish, then sailing the remainder of the way to Key West. We are anchored on the west side of Tank and Westeria Islands among hundreds floating derelicts. It is absolutly amazing the amount of trash boats that are here. I’m not trying to be critical, but this is crazy! Whats also sad again is that there is another Chrysler 26 that looks abandoned. That makes three so far this trip.

As I write this I am looking out the forward hatch at a nearly full moon shinning brightly, illumnating the small islands, boats and casting an awesome moonbeam on the water. The breeze is still around 10 out of the east and the ripples from the waves shimmer like condensation on the side of an icy cold beer can on a simmering hot summer day (people in the midwest are cursing me out right about nowbecause of their 100 degree heat wave).

Tomorrow we will motor to the north east side of Flemming Island, and take a mooring in Garrison Bight. Lesa is really looking forward to spending some tourist time on the Island and sampling the local flavor. The weather forecast is looking great throughout the week so hopefully we will head for the Tortugas on wednesday.

In the words of jimmy Buffet, “Life is here, Wish you were beautiful”

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