Bahia Honda fun

Yesterday (whatever day that was) we motored sailed from Marathon to Bahia Honda State park. It was about a 15 mile trip on beautifully smooth seas. As we were heading into Bahia Honda Lesa was having a fit because the channel is just a missing span from the original train bridge and it looks like the newer car bridge is immediately behind it , not leaving any space to anchor. Once we passed through the open span the beach and harbor open up for anchoring and playing. The park is beautiful and very well maintained. I don’t know the prices but i believe if you come here as a camper is it quite expensive, but as a cruising boater it is free. We didn’t plan to stay two days but Lesa and Kaelin were diggin’ the beaches and shallow clear water. Really, they were making sand castles and digging for pirate treasure! Tomorrow we are headed to Key West. It should be about 35 miles and with very light winds forecast it will be another motor sail. Wish us luck!

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