Key West … Yumm!

Since yesterday was bash key west day today I thought i would write some good things about it. First off, If your remembering key West from the 80’s  or early 90’s forget it, those days are gone. It is now filled with cruise ships dumping 1000’s of people off at a time, all looking to spend money. Key West has become a clean, polished adult amusement park, complete with same sex guest houses and drag queen shows (monday, wednesday and friday at 9 and 11). To Key West credit the establishments have cleaned up and are now mainly kid friendly. Meaning yo can take your child into get an icecream without being faced with the choice of chocolate or strawberry icecream penises and vaginas. Also the food, although expensive, is very  first rate. we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and the meals were excellent. During dinner we chose McConnels Irish Cafe (?) and the food was great. our server, Maria was very polite and a wondeful person. The key West Aquarium is a fantastic place for kids. All of the exhibits are at Kid level. Even the shark tanks are accessable for kids to get an excellet view and up close with the toothy critters. Adults would probably find the aquarium cheesy and out of date, but for kids its a perfect learning experience. I also have to give the musicians at Willi-t’s and at the Hog’s Breath a big thank you. Especially at Willie-t’s the musicians played to Kaelin who was mesmerized by their music. We had to stand on the side walk to watch but they commented on him and played while he wiggle and danced. Although it was an expensive day, we had alot of fun and were not put off by inappropriate behavior.

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