brief but sweet

I have to keep this short as my battery is dying. After a very rainey rough day yesterday we have been blessed with a beautiful day today. Due to the rough ride in the dinghy in the rain Jim was reconsidering the Dry Tortugas. But today and a view of the weather forecast has allowed a change of heart. I know he is nervous about how I would handle bad weather but I trust him immensely. He hasnt let me down yet. So our plans are to head to the Marquesas tomorrow, anchor there and then to the Tortugas. After that will depend on the weather. Good eeather will mean Marco Island otherwise back to Key West. I amlooking forward to a beautiful spot of true nature not this touristy crap.

By 2bikes1boat Always An Adventure

We are both teachers that love to explore and play in the great outdoors whenever we can, especially during the summer. It also gives our little guy a chance to see the world beyond the small corners of our town.

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