Marco Island

After the long trip across the gulf we really enjoyed marco Island and the residents. I have mever been to such a happy and welcoming community in my life. The afternoon after we arrived I needed to eat, alot. As things would have it, the dinghy motor would not start. No sooner than 10 pulls did the sailor next to us yell over that he had some starting fluid if I needed it. When we went to Rose marina, Bruce and the staff were great: anything we needed (our electric cord was to short, no problem, 5 minutes later he had another one for us). I would highly recomend any passing cruiser to stop in and relax. (As a side note: this was our first night at a dock for the trip. regressing to truly nice people; there we were at the Publix with a grocery cart full of groceries trying to call a cab when this nice woman offers to drive us to the marina instead of the cab! We had had lunch and were walking to Walgreens using Lesa‘s phone as a guide when another lady, who was walking by, overhears our conversation and gives us directions. Everyone we interacted with in Marco was very pleasant and helpful. Thank You Marco Island residents.

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