From the Land of Nothing to the Rich and Shameless

One of the things I discovered on our trip is that Lesa gets anxious when we are anchored in one location for more than 2-3 days. With a beverage or two I can be content to sit at anchor, taking in the sights for a while, but Lesa… 2 days and she’s ready to move. With that in mind we raised anchor after 3 days in Marco Island and headed up the inside route towards Naples.Actually Naples is out of the way and we ended up in Port Royal Florida. The anchorage is set in a canal chain bordered by homes that sell for (hold on to your butts) 10-20 MILLION! There we were in our c26, consuming beverages, cooking in the cockpit, and taking cockpit showers in the back yard of some excessivily wealthy people. Although the holding was very good on a mud bottom, Lesa was uncomfortable staying there. The place has a unique beauty all of its own but no amount of money can create the kind of beauty we’ve seen in the Marquesas, the Dry Tortugas or even on the gulf  crossing.

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