The Dry Tortugas by Lesa

It has now been almost two months since we have been to the Dry Tortugas.  Yet it is still fresh in my mind.  The Tortugas are truly an awe inspiring place.  Its history, its purpose, its wildlife and its remoteness are one of a kind.  Sailing into it seemed to take forever.  Always we were looking to the horizon for hints of the fort and then finally there it was.  And, as if it too were waiting on us as its guests, it sent birds and dolphins to escort us into the anchorage.  We felt like royalty.  The anchorage, an area near the entrance, would prove to be somewhat unsafe, however very pretty.

I have traveled to some rather interesting places in my day, especially Italy, but Fort Jefferson is in a class all its own.  It takes up, in space, the whole of the island.  The island is surrounded by beautiful ocean and a few cays.  The fort was built with millions of bricks, but mind you its 70 miles from the nearest mainland.  Jim stated that this island should be considered among the wonders of the world.


By 2bikes1boat Always An Adventure

We are both teachers that love to explore and play in the great outdoors whenever we can, especially during the summer. It also gives our little guy a chance to see the world beyond the small corners of our town.

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