Crazy Things Seen on the Water in One Day


For some reason the original of this post disappeared.  Sooooo… here we go again.


Key Biscayne Bay:  a tire, rim and all, floating on top of the water


a life ring lying at the bottom (didn’t do someone any good(


a balloon floating on top of the water (must have traveled a ways(


luckily none of “Dexter‘s” dead bodies

Lignum Vitae:  a barge (okay no big deal you say(  this barge had a full grown tree in the middle of it.  It totally blew us away.  As soon as we can transfer pictures I will paste one here.  it is truly a must see.  in the meantime it can be seen on our flucker site.






By 2bikes1boat Always An Adventure

We are both teachers that love to explore and play in the great outdoors whenever we can, especially during the summer. It also gives our little guy a chance to see the world beyond the small corners of our town.

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