Chief Ladiga and Burning Bridges

autumn bridge daylight fall
Photo by Rene Asmussen on

Oh My!  What do I say about this trip?  Wow!

As I stated before we are “winging it” this summer.  No reservations, just the general direction of North or Northwest as our heading and using camping apps as our guide.

“Chief Ladiga!” I exclaimed while viewing Allstays.

“I remember seeing information about this campground when we camped at The Rock (next to the Silver Comet Trail.)  Let’s go there.”

NOT!  Once again the GPS failed us.  Excitedly, we followed beautiful country roads.  Excited until we came to a detour as the supposed main road to Ladiga was closed due to a bridge out.  No problem; we took the detour.  Then we were heading down some crazy ass roads.  Very, very narrow.  No problem if you’re in a car, but we weren’t.  And to top it off we came to a bridge that was not out, per se, but had a weight limit of 3 tons.  Here we are, one lane road and we are easily 12,000 pounds.  And to add to it traffic was backing up.  Yes, even though we were in the middle of Timbuktu there was traffic!  Jim got out and talked to what I think was a county guy that was parked there due to people speeding through.  He said we were good to go in spite of the weight limit.  That was a nerve-wracking few minutes, I’ve got to say.

We continued to follow the detour, getting closer and closer to our destination.  Turn on this once again one lane road, Miss GPS said.  And to our disbelief another sign saying, “Bridge Out.” Really!?!

Jim had to back out and it was time to admit defeat.  I’m sorry Chief Ladiga, but you will not be on our “stay in the future” list anytime soon.

**And no I didn’t get any pictures as I was busy panicking!


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