Time for a Change

Finally figured it out. It was time for a change. I have changed the name of our site domain. Although 2bikes1boat.com served us well for many years, it’s just not as relevant anymore. Yes, we still have 2 bikes, however, we just don’t get to use them as often as we used to. We do still have a boat (a canoe), but it’s not THE BOAT, Hot Dot, a Chrysler 26 sailboat. Hot Dot has long moved to other waters.

For several years now we have traveled in our land yachts, first Betty, an Award RV travel trailer and now Betty Deux, a beautiful Keystone Outback RV. Betty Deux has taken us to farther shores than we ever expected. We have ridden the waves of the Colorado mountains and there our souls have been found.

It’s time for a change. Chasing Seventies will be our new name for it’s that that we do, chase seventies. Always on the lookout for cooler weather. For now we settle for long summer trips and short fall/winter/spring trips. We will sail ahead for a few more like this and then it’s onto chasing 70s and hopefully beyond in retirement.

Change is so good!

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