Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Stayed overnight at a really cool Harvest Host. Chennault Aviation and Military Museum. Took tour this morning. The docents were amazing and so passionate. Kaye and Roy were so kind and really knew their subjects. And, yes, Kaye you made me tear up a little. You watch a short video that makes you understand what service men and women give up with their sacrifice. My father was career Army and sacrificed much in his twenty years and beyond.

Roy took over for Kaye and he showed us the different rooms that were full of memorabilia. Each room covered a different area and time. Each carefully, beautifully displayed. No clutter but tons of information. Perhaps the most important room has to do with General Claire Chennault and his involvement with China and creating the Fighting Tigers. He was apparently a tactical genius originally overlooked by his own superiors. The history was fascinating. I plan on looking more into Madame Chang. What a powerhouse lady!

Roy let Kaelin hold a moon rock. only the 3rd kid to get to do so. What a treat. Kaelin said this was his favorite part.

The stay overnight wasn’t bad. We did a lot of relaxing. Enjoyed some time outside waking around and I took a ton of macro shots of their many beautiful flowers. Had a great dinner and watched School of Rock. Now, however, sleeping was another story. They are super well lit up and unfortunately Jim’s little window was bright! Really bright! There is also noisy traffic going by most of the night. Not the best sleep, I’m afraid. I would make a few adjustments if we ever find back this way. Otherwise not bad. They even offer electric and water, which we declined but it’s nice to know it’s an option. This is a great Harvest Host experience and with a few adjustments worth the trip there.

I’m pretty sure my daddy’s spirit sent us there as we were heading a different direction then changed our minds. Thanks Dad!

For more information go to their website. Or go to this website for Harvest Host information.

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