Take Time to Smell the Roses

Then take time to process the pictures!

Blazing Sun in Evening Time

Our summers are so precious to us, filled with wandering, wonder, resting and lots of love. I see so much during these times and strive to capture as many memories as possible. I see the new world through my husband’s sense of excitement, my son’s careful considerations and thoughts and through my eyes, both my own and my lenses. I can’t help it, I see everything as a possible photo.

After the Rain

During our summer trips, we come across landscapes that we’ve only seen on television or have only dreamed of. We have come to realize the screen cannot add depth and breadth to the beauty of our country. It is truly awe inspiring when we look upon mountains, fields and even dreaded cityscapes. These views require looking out, but what happens when we look down?

Flowers. Although portrait photography is my favorite genre, I have come to love photographing flowers. There is something about getting down to their level and looking at them through the lens that is immensely satisfying. This past summer, I was truly blessed with several opportunities to up my game. Especially lucky was my experience at Chenault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, La. I know, you were thinking I was going to say the side of a mountain, but no. This museum was part of a Harvest Host stay. Please see my past post about this wonderful museum.

Pretty Little Dancers

In front of the museum was a lovely garden with many varieties of flowers that had been apparently lovingly cared for. Having the place to ourselves allowed me free time to really get to know these beautiful blooms. I primarily used my 50mm portrait lens and then got to play with my macro lens, even trying to create some painterly effects by slowly moving my lens. I spent hours with these blooms until I couldn’t see anymore and the mosquitoes drove me inside.

And here I am, months later, taking a much needed break from the reality of the working world to finally allow these photos to once again bloom in my memory. It’s amazing, but I can look at these flowers and know them by “place”. I have several on my bedroom wall and know them by Cowpen Battlefield Black-eyed Susan’s, Blowing Rock Tiger Lily, and Blue Ridge Daises. And now, I can add my Chenaults to the collection.


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