We’re Off…….

well maybe tomorrow.

Every summer we take off as soon as school is out.   As long as we don’t leave on a Friday.  That’s bad luck. So we leave on a Saturday.

Well, we would have,  but after celebrating the last day of school with dinner and wine we decided on….SUNDAY.

Now, I think this may be a new norm.   By putting off leaving by another day, we were able to sleep a little later.  We lingered drinking coffee and watching morning news. Then work began, kitchen cleaned spotless.  Freezer empty and the missing Klondike has now been found and eaten. Trash has been taken to the dump.  Which was a good thing because it revealed a waning truck battery.

Captain Jim, so-called from our sailing days,  ended up having to replace Bertha’s dying battery. If we had left on Saturday instead, we might have been in for a surprise.  Although it was hot work, it’s done. Crisis averted.

All last minute items have been packed into Betty. We were able to take our time,  not rush,  and double check for missing items. Of course,  something will be missing down the road,  it always is.  But,  it won’t have been from lack of trying.

Groceries have been bought and put immediately into the camper. Dinner of Chinese from our local place and lots of relaxing in front of the big screen rounds out the evening.

We’ll sleep in Betty Deux tonight and then tomorrow morning…..we’ll really be off!


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