Scenes from Rend Lake

We are currently back at Rend Lake, more specifically Wayne Fitzgerald State Park. We have come here for the past several years at the end of our trips and have always enjoyed its immense peace and beauty. This year we are here early and plan on staying as long as we possibly can.

Our goal this year was to head to New Mexico to look for land for our future home site, but alas New Mexico is on fire and gas prices are rocketing (to fill up the truck yesterday cost us $375). This saddened me to the point of depression, but I know that soon we will head that way and all will be well. The main thing is that my little family is together and very happy.

site 47 is huge

This summer is about relaxing, restoring our minds and health. Teaching is so difficult and at times it brings us to a breaking point. Summer is necessary to allow us to come back the next school year more prepared and ready to take on the year.

Boy got a new bike as there are trails all through the campground.

We have many things planned for this summer: bike riding, coffee sipping while looking at the lake, kayaking/canoeing, jewelry making, photography, blogging, reading. Normally we head to site 39 but this year, much to our surprise it was taken. We ended up at site 47 and at first we were bummed, but now we can’t be happier. It’s huge! It’s close to the lake. Jim can launch his kayak from the bank. We have seen deer, raccoons, geese, woodpeckers, and even a pheasant. It’s quiet. The weather has been so pleasant. The Belgerts have been so happy.

Our lake view: wildlife and gorgeous sunsets.

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  1. Vitra Yuk says:

    Thank you for sharing this very serene view. You also educate me about potential places I can visit if we get a camper. Your sharing with your family has inspired my family in so many ways . My husband loves the outdoor , nature and family time . Keep blogging …

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