What’s in it for me

RV’ing from a kid’s perspective.

Recently a co-worker had commented on all the renovation work we have been doing to Betty Deux, our Keystone Outback travel trailer. She made the comment that she’d like to go camping, but didn’t think her kids would like it.

Let’s face it, with the way kids are “plugged-in” now a days, she’s probably right. Unless, they can be convinced that there truly are alternatives to their phones and their current gaming systems.

So what is in it for them? Grant it, our type of camping requires many hours sitting in the truck. So occasionally we reward ourselves by staying at a campground that has a pool. Being able to swim is fantastic, especially on a hot day, but there’s so much more.

If you think there’s nothing to do camping and traveling check out the captions on my slideshows and see if I’ve changed your minds. Put the electronics away. Go out explore!

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