From Rough to Righteous

I had a rough day today due to not sleeping last night. On our first day motoring from Jensen Beach to Boca Raton I forgot to apply sunscreen until too late. It does not make for great sleeping two days later. Fortunately, I have my new dress I made, which covers my back and is very airy. I made sure to wear it today. Lack of sleep can be quite problematic as it makes me grouchy and ten times more sensitive than normal. Jim says this happens on the boat sometimes, change of routine, heat exhaustion, and not enough water to drink. I plan on buying extra water and Gatorade while on shore tomorrow. I’m going to get Kaelin pedialyte too. Poor guy he has heat rash but it doesn’t seem to deter him. He by the way has stayed dry at night each night. Woohoo!
All has not been bad today though. We all took naps today. Mine was in the cockpit with cool breezes and gentle boat rocking. Try that at home my dear friends. Also I realized one of my favorite times on the boat is just right after sunset when the boats are silouhetted against the water and the not quite darkened sky. Where we have been last night and tonight has also offered up beautiful twinkling skylines from all the sky scrapers. It is a sight worthy of a painting. I wish I could take a picture, however my cameras won’t take it correctly at night. You will just have to take me word for it.

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  1. Ron Jergens says:

    Heat rash can be remedied by using a cold compress as well as some cornstarch to keep the affected area dry. “:”;;


    1. 2bikes1boat says:

      Ron, thanks for the information. We have actually tried that. My son’s heat rash was rather wide spread. My husband’s more local. We found Gold Bond baby powder worked the best, but have a really hard time finding it. We also figured out a way to hook up the fan in the cockpit. Keeping cool helps, though it is quite a challenge while sailing.

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