Ribbit -Write it Down

One of the best things we ever bought was a camping journal. We have gone back and referred to it many times, sometimes just to reminisce and others for important information.

Our Journal

I try to journal for each trip, writing down the weather, name of campground (even if it’s a Walmart), things we did, saw, and trip particulars. I think it’s very important. This trip for example, we looked back at the Bainbridge Walmart for past information.

You get to the point that you know you’ve been to a place, but you’re not sure about it completely. After all one Walmart looks like another. You second guess yourself. We pulled into the Bainbridge Walmart, tired and ready to settle for the night. We remembered being there and remembered eating at the Mexican Restaurant around the corner, but couldn’t remember why didn’t stay.

Out comes the journal. Sure enough last year, 7/24, we didn’t stay because we found the parking lot very unlevel. This time we chose “walk it out”, another important camping strategy. We found a site way over to the far side, near a fence and retention pond. That’s where we decided to move to. Not a bad choice.

The site was not quite level side to side but a leveling block took care of that. It was quiet as far as traffic went, especially after 11pm closing. We chose open windows, Max fan blowing down rather than out. It cooled off nicely. Jim said he slept hard. Me? Well, Ribbit was the song for the night. I swear there were a million frogs 🐸 singing most of the night. But no traffic!

Tonight we are at another Walmart in Rome, Georgia. Tucked between two semis and slides out. Movie night, I think. No retention pond so, no frogs. Peaceful sleep, we’ll see.

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  1. Vitra Yuk says:

    I think that’s great . I love that you journal stuff and your little guy will have a lot of valuable information to share in conversation. I always believe that a child’s experience supersedes our intellectual ability to understand the part it plays in their growth and development. I love ❤️ it keep exploring!

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