Dinner Key at Coconut Grove

Another  tireing day. Starting this morningI transformed the HotDot from a stink potter to a blow boat. Lesa and Kaelin hid inside while I worked and raised the mast. When I started raising the mast alone years ago it was always a very stressfull experience, now it just takes time and patience. The act of… Continue reading Dinner Key at Coconut Grove

Key Biscayne

After a beautiful day motoring from Boca Raton we have made it to Key Biscayne.  I have never seen so many big buildings and boats.  It’s like Orlando on steroids!  The boats are beyond huge.  We saw four cruise ships in a row and Jim says that those are small.  The homes we saw were… Continue reading Key Biscayne

living the high life

we are south of Ft. Lauderdale.  amazing homes, boats that are larger than most of the homes, and really cool cargo ships.  i am keeping this short as it is eating up my phone battery and too hard to type.  adios for now.

Chillin’ in Boca Raton

We made it to Boca today. A 57 mile journey through the weekend drunken’ motorboater madness of Jupiter inlet, Singer Island at Lake Worth and Boynten Beach. I am always surprised at the amount of people and their toys in South Florida. The sand bar on the north end of Singer Island at Lake Worth… Continue reading Chillin’ in Boca Raton

Riding the Silver Comet Trail – Georgia

Spring Break  Teachers everywhere live for the time when they can pack the books away and take a break from the rigors of preparing for state mandated assessments.  At least this is true for  two teachers I know of, myself and Jim.  We were just discussing what the “So, what did YOU do over the break?” feedback will be when we… Continue reading Riding the Silver Comet Trail – Georgia

New Trike

I did it!  Jim has brought me over to the dark side.  It has taken a year, but I finally had to agree that a recumbent trike is much more fun to ride than my regular bike (and even it wasn’t so regular.)  I went to Hampton’s Edge Bike Shop in Floral City and bought… Continue reading New Trike

New Bikes?

Oh what a quandry we are in!  I currently have a Day 6 Comfort bike.  Wonderful bike, smooth, very comfortable.  HOWEVER, because it is a two wheel bike and I am not as smooth as I once was, the bike swerves too much when I have to ride slow.  This is especially true when loaded down… Continue reading New Bikes?